Banting Rules:

1.  Swop sugar & honey for xylitol, stevia or erythritol.

2.  Swop grains, wheat & flour for almond flour, coconut flour & milled flaxseed.

3.  Swop starchy veggies (potatoes, carrots, peas) for veggies that grow above the ground.

4.  Swop rice, mash and pastas for cauli mash, courgette noodles and cabbage strips.

5.  Swop bad fats, seed oils & margerine for good fats - cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, cheese.

6.  Swop muffins, cakes & sweets for fresh/frozen berries, nuts & seeds.

7.  Swop lean meat & processed meats for fatty, juicy free range meat & salami.

8.  Swop cornflour as a thickner for psyllium husk.

Who we are...


My husband, Jan and I started following the Banting lifestyle in April 2014 with great success.  Jan has an avid intrest in nutrition and has worked in Research & Development in the food industry all his life.  Together with his partner they own a company called Green Cell Technologies which produces extracts from plant material using patented machinery unlike any other in the  world.  Being the eternal dieter I am, I decided on a plan. Together we started The Banting Basket, pooling our available resources and knowledge to create affordable solutions for the Banting public.

Why we started...


Since starting the Banting lifestyle it became very apparent, very quickly that it is relatively expensive. Unfortunately once the trend kicked in, retailers immediately elevated their prices for Banting ingredients.  


We are lucky enough to be in a position that we can get supplies directly from the wholesalers and with no middle man included we can offer very competitive prices to all fellow Banters to help ease the strain.


"There are no meal times.  No portion sizes.  No kilojoule restriction. 

Let your body tell you how much to eat.

The only thing you count is the grams of sugar or carbohydrates.

I look in the fridge and I choose the food".

Tim Noakes PHD